When most people think of Nashville, Tennessee they think of its persona as the "Music City". While the music industry is a large part of the culture and economy of Nashville, there are several others that make the city whole. Along with being the state capital, Nashville is also known as a major center in the industries of health care, publishing, banking and transportation, as well as music. All of these sectors combine to make Nashville one of the most desirable places to work and live in the whole of the United States.

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ZipCodeNashville.com is on a mission to show all that the city of Nashville has to offer. For those looking for a new start in the city or those who would just like to rediscover the place that they've long called home, there is something for everyone on this informative site. Nashville is a city full of excitement and opportunities and we are out to highlight them all, for the resident and visitor alike. So, if you're looking for some information on the goings on in Nashville, Tennessee, read on.

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While there are many reasons to come to this great city, we would be amiss if we did not start by talking about the city's influence to the American music industry. All four major American music labels hold an office in Nashville -- Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, EMI and Sony Music Entertainment. There are also several independent labels in town, rounding out the neighborhood that many have titled "Music Row". It is said that the music industry contributes to nineteen thousand jobs in the Nashville area and over six billion dollars to the economy.

However, music is not number one when it comes to industry in Nashville. There are over 250 health care companies operating within the city, contributing over eighteen billion per year to the city's pot. The largest private hospital provider in the world even has their head office there -- Hospital Corporation of America. Along with HCA Inc., Nashville is home to two other Fortune 500 companies; Dell and Dollar General Corporation.

Nashville is also known as a leader in publishing, especially of the religion genre. There are a number of Protestant denominations that hold their home base in the city, including United Methodist Church, the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention USA.

There really are endless opportunities for those wishing to make their way in Nashville, whether you have dreams of writing a chart-topping hit or simply want to make a decent living working in one of the city's many manufacturing companies. Whatever it is you're looking for, Nashville might just be the place to find it.

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